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Deena Hakim

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Pacific Grove, California 93950

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Proactive not Reactive Care

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Business Name Deena Hakim, D.C.
Business Logo Deena Hakim, D.C. Company Logo by Deena Hakim in Pacific Grove CA
Position Chiropractor
Year Established 2005
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Phone Number 831-747-4578
222 Forest Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
United States
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Professional Background

tuesday through thursday 9-1 and 3-7 friday 9-2 Tuesday through Thursday 9-1 and 3-7 Friday 9-2

About Deena Hakim, D.C.

I have been a Chiropractor since 2001 and have been practicing at The Healing Collaborative in Pacific Grove since 2005. My treatment focuses on mobilization of the joints with muscle relaxation.  Chiropractic is more effective when the muscles are addressed concurrently with adjustment.  To better serve my patients I use myofascial release (a deep tissue therapy that breaks up muscle adhesions and scar tissue) with trigger point work and stretching. I also believe strongly in active care and give my patients exercises to do at home that complement the treatment in the office.  A patient who does the active care will get better faster than those who rely on the treatment alone.                     The combination of adjustment and muscle therapy in my office works for all patients, but is especially suited to those with chronic conditions related to posture or activity. Check out our website at For updates from my practice like my Facebook page Deena Hakim, D.C.                     I believe in taking time with my patients so a regular treatment is usually 30-45 minutes.  We focus on not only treating our patients for symptoms, but keeping them well though our active care options. We offer one on one Pilates and Yoga intensives as well as mindful meditation to take your care to the next level.

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